Meet our ARTISTS

Artistic Endeavors in Redding, California has a team of artists with developmental disabilities who work every day Monday - Friday from 9a.m. - 2 p.m.  They work in sewing, woodworking, crafts, pottery, painting and life skills (cooking, reading labels, menu planning, hygiene, and more). 

Enjoy the smiling faces of Laura, Kathy and John who love working at Artistic Endeavors in Redding, California and appreciate your support in their daily lives.  Their arts and crafts are available daily.

Theresa, Tom and Patty have been friends for a very long time and love Artistic Endeavors.  They love meeting new people and showing off their artwork.  Tom was Top Sales artist of the month in July and has a great following for his arts and crafts. 

Karianne loves playing with the dogs, hanging with her boyfriend and creating artwork.

Nicole creates hand drawn black and white illustrated cards called Nicole's Creations.  John is posing :P

Lynn is very diligent about her paintings.  She will sit for hours and paint.  She loves cats.


Roni loves Picaso and 

makes unique pieces 

of Picaso like art.

Helga loves to make 

and wear jewelry.

Kimmi is super fun!  She is always happy, loving and loves to dance.And likes parties and yarn.!

April has the energy of a gazelle and is full of love and light. 

Seija and her love Bill, almost married for 3 years.Loves to help in the kitchen.

Genny enjoys spending time at our program and has fun.

Tina and her hubby, Darrell are a great addition to our team.

John is very happy and loves making jewelry and helping out in the kitchen!

Tina P. remembers EVERYONE's birthday and age. She keeps me young. Thanks Tina.LOL


Scotty is a smiley, happy guy!  We love having him around. He is a hard working guy. 

Aaron is one of our book worms.  He has such a great memory! 

Darrell loves to work in pottery and sewing!   He's alot of fun! 

Arlon has been a part of our program for years and loves coming daily! 

Aisha loves to smile and have fun! 



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